Drum roll please… Can I get a show of hands of all the folks out there without a website? Now how many people can say ”¬†Facebook is My Website ?” Yes, there are tons of people out there that are using Facebook as their online presence. It’s true.

I recently spoke at an expo and asked this very question. And of course I got some hands. This tells me that either people think that their Facebook profile is their website or they don’t know any better. What do I mean by “know any better?” Let’s talk about this for a moment.

We are all aware that you have a Facebook account and are very comfortable using it. It’s easy and you know how it works. You may even be successful with it and your business may do well with it alone. Now imagine what you could do if you leveraged your Facebook skills to push people to a website that was built to funnel people to convert sales. Increasing your sales by a small margin will pay for your website.

Facebook is my website

Social Media is a free tool to promote yourself and your business. Use it as such. Coke, IBM, Verizon, and every other business I can think of uses this strategy and I think that they all have it figured out. Facebook has too many distractions that can lead buyers away such as Candy Crush, Farmville, and all that other stuff!!

Get your own website set-up if you don’t have one. Brand your website and put your own content on it so you can be found online by the popular search engines. Facebook only lets your friends see what you are promoting, but your website can get ranked and found on the internet by anyone.

Here is the bottom line. Get rid of all the distractions, get your own website and start promoting yourself so people can find you.

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