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New or Redo WordPress website
Integrated social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc…)
Integrated email marketing platform (Aweber, Mailchimp, etc..)
Shopping cart platform (set-up) for you.
Google Analytics integration
Up to 10 pages
SEO ready

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*free hosting, backups, updates, and maintenance available with one of our packages

Happy Clients

I don’t even know where to begin to describe how grateful I am to Mike Medina of Innovative Solutions. I was referred to Mike by a friend of mine when I was talking to her about how hard it was to put a website together and how much money I had already spent. She said “You should call Mike. He is donating his time to our humane society nonprofit and I know he would appreciate the referral.” Needless to say, I should have called Mike a long time ago.

I spent countless hours and over $1,500 and I still wasn’t happy with my website. Mike got on a call with me and spent an hour just listening to what I needed. He was very patient with my lack of technical understanding and explained everything to me. Even offered a demo before I signed up to be sure I was going to be happy. That was more time and effort then the prior web designer had given me already and I hadn’t even paid him yet!

Fast forward to me signing up with him and signing him up for my first big launch where he saved me thousands of dollars by knowing exactly what my site needed to operate. He is responsive, helpful and more than generous with his time. He even sat in on a webinar with my coach clients and helped to explain some things to them to help them along. Mike is my right hand man and truly helps me operate my business the way I need to, understands how to explain things to me yet keeps me from going down the rabbit hold with things I don’t need to know. Thanks to him my website is secure and my programs work without spending more money then I need to. Thank you Thank you Thank you Mike!

Carmen Hunter

CEO, Carmen Hunter Health

Michael Medina has created my website for my company, Stafford Land Title, LLC. He is very professional and creative and my website looks wonderful!. He is always available when I need updates or changes and always responds when I need him to. I would recommend him to anyone needing website creation or management. He goes above and beyond to make a website rated and recognized.

Trudy Stafford

CEO, Stafford Land Title, LLC

I heard about Mike Medina from Innovative Solutions Team through another Health Coach who recommended him to me since she had worked successfully with him on many various projects. At the time, I was working on trying to set up a coaching program to sell on my website that would be automated through MailChimp and integrated with PayPal. After countless emails back and forth with MailChimp customer service, I tried setting it up myself, following every step that MailChimp gave me, but for some reason I could not get it to work.  I realized I just could not do it myself, and I decided it was time to hire someone to help me since I just did not have the skill set – or the time – to try to figure out why it wasn’t working.

I called Mike and told him what I wanted to do. He looked at my site and figured out right away that my theme was not compatible with the e-commerce platform I needed, and gave me a quote to install a new theme, set up a store front, landing pages, and integrate it with MailChimp. His price was extremely reasonable! Plus, he was kind, understanding and knowledgeable, and since he has worked with other Health Coaches, he understood what I was trying to do. He also completed the job in the time frame he told me he would, since I did have a deadline in place. He communicated clearly and often during the process, and did a thorough training with me when the job was completed so I understood how it all worked. I also hired him to work on a new logo for my business, which is in progress, and also completely reasonably priced.

My site is so awesome now! It is totally different from the one I created myself with my limited knowledge of WordPress, and now I can actually see why a potential client would even bother with me! The site is BEAUTIFUL! It is also functional, flexible, and easy to use. After the job was complete, Mike said he would be available to answer any questions going forward, and he definitely has!

Not only did Mike exceed my expectations, he also saved me money! He suggested that I switch to a new hosting provider who was better AND cheaper than the one I was using, and he also installed free security plug-ins on my site so I could cancel the expensive security provider I was using as well. He also gave me a quote on doing backup and restore that is cheaper than the provider I am using now, so I will be switching to Mike & his team for this once my contract is up with my existing provider. He can really do it all! I could not recommend him more!!! Just take a look at my website and you can see for yourself: livewildhealthcoaching.com.

Dana Faulkner

CEO, Live Wild, LLC

If anyone is needing web design or marketing, I highly recommend Innovative Solutions. They are a reliable, whole-hearted and effective team. ~ Gisele @LesbianMuses

Gisele Magnin

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