I recently sat in on a webinar that discussed the importance of the Critical 1st Impression.

Here is a screenshot of some of the statistics from a recent survey.

The bottom line about the statistics shown is that if your website is not mobile optimized, then you might be letting your competitors get the best of you without you even knowing it.

How do you know if your website is Mobile Optimized?  Just grab your smartphone or tablet and put your URL in the web browser and take a look.  If you have to expand pages to see the wording or it’s hard for you to navigate the menu, then you are a part of the 90% that does not have a website that is optimized.

Whatever industry you may be in, you will definitely be affected from the shift from the PC to mobile devices.  If your business is doing well, imagine if your website was optimized.  It would only improve your business and have customers knocking at your door more often.  If your website is not converting like you want it to, optimization is a must.  Your results will not change for the better if you do nothing.  You need to take action!

Customers that are doing local searches for your business are action takers.  They are looking to satisfy their needs right then and there and will do it by doing there search via mobile device.  Think about it, that’s what we all do.  If the website is hard to navigate, we back out and look for another site.  Don’t let this happen to you..




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