The title kind of suggests that the must haves of your website, but the number one must have if you are a business owner is a website. If you do not have a website and own a business, then you should look into getting one before you keep reading. Don’t just collect and read information and not use it. Take the right steps and take action.

Now if you have a website you want to ask yourself if it is doing what it’s supposed to be doing…. Converting. Is your website triggering people to do something that you’ve planned it to do? Have someone sign-up for your newsletter, fill out a form to capture a lead, call you with more questions, set up an appointment, buy something, or whatever it may be. Sit there and think about that for a moment. Are you getting these results from your website?

Yes, your phone number is on your site and you may have a contact form and some products to sell, but is anything happening? Or are you not getting enough phone calls or sales? Do you know how to implement an email marketing campaign and build a list? Do you even know why you want to build a list? The answers to some of these questions are musts that your website needs in order for your website to convert.

The Website Must Haves

– Website Traffic (the most obvious)

– Quality Content

– Good Information Architecture

– Lead Capture

– Social Media

– Product / Service

– Contact / Support

– Back Up

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Website Traffic

Most business owners understands what web traffic is. You must have people coming to your site in order for anything to happen It works the same way with any brick and mortar business. Website traffic and foot traffic are the same. You are doomed without it.

Quality Content

You finally implemented an SEO strategy and have leveraged social media to get some traffic to your website. People come to your website and then either take a quick look and leave or just leave right away (evaluating your analytics to find out if your bounce rate is high can give you this information). Do you have information on your website that is useful to your visitors. Having quality content is what your visitors are looking for and the quality content will lower your bounce rate. Make sure you’re doing your visitors justice by giving them what they are searching for. The more quality content or value you have on your website, the more longer your visitors will stay and more like return.

Information Architecture

Evaluate your information architecture to also reduce your bounce rate. Information architecture is the way your website content is strategically layed out to maximize the flow and ease of use for your visitors. Have you ever went to a website and just kept going in circles because of the difficulty of the navigation and content layout? You feel like you are lost and just leave. This is a quick way to loose a potential client customer and any possibility of someone sharing your site to friends.

Lead Capture

Incorporate a way to capture your visitors information so that you can reach out to them whenever you have something new to share with them. Use one of the many email marketing companies out there and integrate a subscription form to get your visitor’s name and email address. There are tons of free email marketing services that are available that have great features. You can subscribe to our Newsletter to get more details when we cover this topic.

Social Media

Social Media is a part of everyone’s everyday life. Almost everyone you know has Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or whichever one of these social media platforms out there. It is imperative that social media is part of your website and that you communicate effectively on each platform. Social media is a free way (minus time) to leverage the spreading of news about your business quickly if done right. Don’t waste this tool by not having it present on your site.

Product / Service

Your ultimate goal as a business is to provide a product or some type of service. Let your product or services be easily accessible and the checkout process simple.

Contact / Support

Visitors want to contact you at times. Don’t let them have to look all over the place to find a phone number, email or a contact form. Making it easy to contact your business can make a difference. The same goes for your support after the sale. If you have terrible support or your customers can’t get a hold of you, be ready to take a pounding on the many review venues on the internet. It can be very costly. You’ll more than likely get social shares about your business, but they will more than likely be bad ones.

Back Up / Updated

Keep your website with a current back up and keep it updated. Website are hacked everyday and it would be a shame to lose all of your website content because it was not backed up. This plays hand in hand with having the latest platform, security, plugin updates. The updates are there for a reason. If your website is not on the latest version of whatever it is using that puts it all together, you are at risk. Back up and update!


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